ABOUT:JIYAO Technology Co., Ltd *

1990: Established a mold factory (factory area: 80㎡)
1996: Established Plastic Factory A (1F2F factory area: 600㎡), introduced 10 plastic injection machines of 150ton~250ton for production
2000: Passed ISO-9001 quality certification, started OEM product development and production
2002: Established 3D CAD department, introduced CATIA 3D drawing software (factory area: 40㎡)
2003: Established Plastic Injection Factory B (1F 2F factory area: 560㎡), introduced 11 plastic injection machines of 150ton~550ton for production
2003: Established Raw Material Warehouse at Factory C (1F factory area: 300㎡)
2003: Established Assembly Department at Factory C 2F (factory area: 300㎡) and Factory C 3F (factory area: 300㎡), assembled semi-finished and finished products as per customer requirements
2007: Founded own brand JI-YAO Technology
2009: Passed ISO-9001: 2015 version, passed 3C certification
2014: Acquired new land for Factory F (Land area: 1260 m²).
2018: Completed new mold factory at Factory F (1F 2F factory area: 640㎡)
2019: Established Showroom and Vehicle Technology Workshop (factory area: 85㎡)
2024: Introduced 2800tons large-scale injection molding machine for production